No more place for betel-nuts in Punjab: PFA bans sale across Punjab, deadline set for April 30 for complete eradication of hazardous, Unsafe Chewable item.

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has banned the sale of betel nuts (Supari/Chaliya) in Punjab by giving 90 days deadline to wrap up the betel nuts business whom connected from this profession.


This decision was taken in a Scientific Penal meeting of PFA which held at PFA Headquarter. Director General (DG) PFA Noor ul Amin Mengal has chaired the meeting. Penal members have presented recommendations in a meeting to immediately stop the production and sale of betel nuts at paan shops and general stores that is harmful for consumer health.


DG Noor ul Amin Mengal said that this initiative is part of PFA mission in order to make Healthy Punjab. Our slogan of providing healthy food “From Farm to Fork” is not merely a saying but is our practical priority. He said that betel nuts may cause of mouth, throat, oral and stomach cancer for its users as well tooth decay. He said that PFA has given three months business adjustment time till April 30 from related to betalnuts business for closed down their betelnuts profession in order to keep save the precious lives of people.


A large number of people especially youngsters are suffering from submucous fibrosis (SMF) and in this condition patient could not open mouth completely and ultimately they loss of jaw movement. He further said that strict action as per the relevant provisions of PFA Act 2011 shall be initiated against them after April 30.


Menagl further said that the use and profession of betalnut is strictly prohibited in many countries like UAE, Uttar Pradesh India, Papua New Guinea and etc added that it is also declared punishable offence and people could not chew such products in public places. He said that millions of people have been effected due to chewing and eating betel nuts across the world. He said that World Health Organization has already classified betelnut as a carcinogen which is a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue.


He said that PFA will not allow to anyone to sell hazardous food in the name of Challiya. PFA will boost its awareness campaign in society about to prevent such products. He requested public to avoid the use of harmful products like betel nuts/ chaliya.

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