15,000 litres adulterated milk disposed of by PFA

The Punjab Food Authority’s dairy safety teams have disposed of 15,000 litres of tainted milk being carried on four milk vehicles for supplying in the provincial metropolis here on Thursday.
PFA Director General retired Captain Muhammad Usman led the operation. He said that a special raid was conducted on the tip-off of PFA vigilance cell after surveillance of adulterated milk supply chain. He said that milk was blended with toxic chemicals, hazardous dry powder and polluted water to enhance thickness and improve the quantity of milk. All four trucks have been caught by placing screening picket, he said and added that those milk carrier trucks were approaching Lahore via Kasur route. DG told that drivers and trucks will remain in custody until they reveal the real accused and their production units behind. Adulteration Mafia was trying to supply poisonous milk to masses in the name of pure milk.
Muhammad Usman further said that a comprehensive policy is being designed against milk adulteration mafia and expanded the activities against them according to the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Moreover, he said that pasteurization policy is the only way to get rid and implementation on it will be started by 2022.

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