Disposal of Excess Food Regulation 2019 approved by PFA board

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has unanimously passed a new regulation ‘Disposal of Excess Food Regulation 2019’ in the 31st board meeting, held at PFA Headquarters, on Thursday.

PFA Director General Irfan Memon Usman said that according to the regulation, leftover food of restaurants and hotels would be supplied to needy people and for this purpose all aspects covered in this law. The procedures to supply of leftover food to deserving people have been justified.

He further said that PFA would ensure the safety standard of food which would be supplied to deprived people. This regulation is the first law of its kind which introduced in Pakistan to handle the situation of food wastage and disposal of excess food through a proper mechanism.

Chairman PFA, Umar Tanveer Butt said that more than 40 percent food leftover has been wasted according to a survey. Disposal of Excess of Food Regulation has been approved to stop the wastage of food leftover which was a good initiative. He further said that the provision of leftover food to deserving people is the part of Ehsaas Program of Imran Khan. Reward system would be introduced for those hotels and restaurants which would help in the provision of food for deserving people. In this connection, reward points would be given to restaurants and hotels who would actively participate in this noble cause

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